Gathering with others, creating unity, wiping out division, and including everyone. 

How Michael sees community

To others, community can mean “a gathering of people who like the same things or have the same interests”, but I see community differently. Community is a gathering of everyone regardless of differences. I want to put the "unity" back in community. True community is unifying, not divisive. 

How Michael sees family


A feeling of delight or happiness.

How Michael sees joy
Miss mama


A group of people who love and support eachother.

Joy is more than just happiness: Joy is infectious. Joy will always warm a sad heart and leave a smile. Joy hopes for the best in any circumstance. Finding your joy makes life worth it; I know because I have found my joy.

Family is those who love you enough to choose you. Family is a group of people that support you, stick with you, believe in you, and love you. Family to me is not written by DNA but made up of people you choose to surround yourself with.



Spreading awareness for a group or cause.

How Michael sees advocacy


A deep affection, respect, or loyalty towards someone or something.

Through this company, I want to be a voice for those who feel like they don't have one. Everyone has a voice, but not many choose to listen. Through upside I am changing that, I am committed to being a voice for the people in the Down Syndrome community who feel unheard. I challenge those who speak to listen, and those who listen to speak up.

How Michael sees love

Everyone is capable of feeling love, but not everyone remembers to show it. In all you do be kind, be passionate, be honest, give others the benefit of the doubt. Everyone you encounter is deserving of love. Love big and love often because people need to feel it.


M. Girgis Designs is an apparel brand located in Bakersfield California that is spreading awareness for Down Syndrome and inspiring others to see the upside in every situation they encounter.